how to make galaxy shoes

how to make galaxy shoes

galaxy shoes


you will need:
– canvas shoes;
textile paint in different and fun colors (blue, pink, purple…);
– sponge;
waterproof spray;
masking tape;
glitter paint;
Mod Podge – helps to seal in paint (optional).

Directions: Prepare the shoe wrapping the white parts with masking tape for a clean look at the end. Start painting in the form of what you think a galaxy looks like: apply navy blue paint with the sponge, then apply pink and purple paint using the same sponge.When the paint dried, you can spray some glitter over the shoe to make it shine, as if there are stars you have made. Finally, you can apply Mod Podge all over the shoe to seal in paint, then use waterproof spray. Let it dry, then remove the tape. And Voila!

How to Make Galaxy Shoessource :


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