DIY cute Notebook

DIY cute Notebook


2 packets of filler paper

spray glue

PBA glue/PH-Neutral Adhesive (at your local craft store or online)

Stock paper

Black craft paper

Binder clips – medium size

Disposable paint brush



  • Using a photo editor (I used Adobe Photoshop), create your collage with the pictures that is saved on your computer.  Create a new image, using paper size.  I used 8 1/2″ X 11.”  Place and arrange your saved photos the way you like it to look for the cover.   Thank you to all who have participated in this project by sending me some of your favorite pictures.  See below if you would like to use some of the same pictures that I have used.

  • Make sure the lined papers are even and straight.  Use binder clips to keep in place.  Do not clip the edge (on the side with the holes) where you will be binding your notebook.
  • With the brush, apply a coat of PBA glue on the side where the notebook will be held together.  Set aside.
  • For the cover, spray card stock paper evenly with glue, going from corner to corner.  Lay photo collage printout on top of stock paper.  Place under or in between a heavy book that is about the same size of your notebook or larger.  This will help to keep the cover flat and for the collage to adhere to the stock paper.  Let dry for approximately 30 minutes.
  • After the cover is completely dry, lay it on top of another piece of card stock paper, trace, and cut to match the size of the cover.  This will be the back of your notebook.
  • Remove binder clips from the paper packet.  Place the front and back covers and use binder clips to hold it all together.
  • On the black craft paper, trace a rectangular shape for the binder, approximately 1 1/2″ wide and the length is determined by the length of the paper being used for the notebook.  For the one that I am creating, the length is 11″.  Cut out the long rectangle and use the brush to spread glue evenly.  Wrap around binder side.  Use binder clips to hold down the wrapped binder to seal.  Let dry completely before removing binder clips.


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